we will star the day off with a typical Colombian snack breakfast a empanada and buñuelo, which are friend mash potatoe and fried cheese ball. the frist place we will visit is the replica town of the Peñol. This is a replica because the old town is under the damn, which is man made the town has a very interting history. Then we will take a very cool Jeep ride to “La Manuela” Escobar´s old villa. We will hava a walking tour all around he property and also lunch incluided in Escobar´s old bar, after we will arrive to the beautifull colorful town of guatape in boats, Here you will have time to check out this awsome twon and also have a coffe breack in guatape downtown. last but no least, we will like up the second biggest rock in south America “The rock of  Peñol”