VIT Medellín TRAVEL AND TOURISM AGENCY states its commitment by the implementation of the management for the sustainability system, promoting protection of national tourist destinations, natural and cultural heritage of the nation, and the environment. Likewise, it welcomes an ethical code that disapproves and rejects sexual and commercial exploitation of underage youth, at the same time, any type of racial or gender discrimination, while being consistent with our mission of making possible people’s aspirations, improve their quality of life, and overcome their expectations through an integrated supply of touristic services, which are environmental friendly, allowing its conservation, so that future generations can enjoy it. This policy is dictated in order to carry out the Sectorial Technical NTS TS – 003. This states the sustainability requirements that refer to environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects that are applicable to travel agencies.
We are Responsible behaviors with the sustainable development.
Seek to always buy and consume foods that use recyclable or not recyclable packaging.
Always take plastic bags for the trash, and take it out of the place at the end of your stay if it isn’t biodegradable, or put it in the can or place indicated by the competent authority if it is biodegradable.
Consider the possibility of visiting projects that look forward to the preservation of animal habitats and to protect the endangered species; these could be animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers.
Under no circumstances buy animals and don’t try to take to your country of origin plants from other countries, it isn’t just a crime, but it also promotes the disappearance of species.
Say no to the sexual exploitation. This scourge is suffered by the tourist destinations, and it combines different factors, the visitors must involve in the prevention and protection of the victims.
Reduce the CO2 emissions, if you travel by car or bus, make sure you turn it off while you are stationary.
Avoid the use of clothes irons, hair irons and hair dryers.
Don’t throw wastes or plastic, identify the right trash can near to you or put the garbage in a bag, and at the end of the visit throw the wastes in the right place.
Turn down the lights and the air conditioning in order to save energy and avoid an overload on the electric systems of the city.

Environmental, socio-cultural and economic behaviors in the promoted and commercialized tourist destinations.

Open up to cultures and traditions different from yours: your experience will change, you will earn the respect from the locals, and they will embrace you easily. You have to be tolerant and respectful with the diversity, observe the traditions and social and cultural practices from the place
Respect the human rights; any kind of exploitation violates the fundamental objectives of tourism. Child sexual exploitation is a punishable crime, in the place where the crime is perpetrated, and in the residence place of the person who committed the crime. ENVIRONMENT.
Help in the conservation of the natural environment. Protect the wildlife and its habitat, so don’t buy products made from endangered plants and animals.
Respect the natural resources. The touristic activities must be practiced by showing respect for the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage.

Your trip can contribute in the social and economic development. Buy crafts and local products in order to support the local economy, take in to account the principles of the fair trade, when you haggle consider the idea of fair payment.
Before traveling, search information about the sanitary situation of your destiny, also about the access to consular and emergency services; make sure your health and personal safety aren’t endangered. Verify you have your specific need covered (food, access to medical attention) before traveling to your destiny.

Gather is much information as possible about your destiny, and spend some time in understanding their habits, norms and traditions. Avoid behaviors that could be offensive to the locals.
Look for the current legislation so you won’t commit an imprudence or crime. Don’t traffic drugs, weapons, antiques, protected species, and dangerous products or substances forbidden by the national rules.4. Current legal regulations to avoid illegal traffic of species of flora and fauna.
Illicit traffic of species of flora and fauna, and gods from the cultural heritage are considered as a crime in Colombia, in which you could get a penalty fee or go to prison.

VIT Medellín travel agency on its commitment with the sustainable development promotes the fulfillment of the following regulations that protect the cultural and natural heritage of the nation.

Law 17 from 1981 and law 1333 from 2009 about international commerce of endangered species of flora and fauna.
Law 63from 1986 and law 1185from 2008 about commerce of cultural goods.
Resolution 0584 from 2002 about endangered wildlife species in the national territory.
Law 1453 from 2011. Art. 32. Illicit management of exotic species.
Likewise, promoting the fulfillment of the applicable regulations to counteract sexual exploitation of underage youth.
Law 1336 from 2009 which intensifies and strengthens the law 679 from 2001, that fights against exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism of boys, girls and teenagers.
Likewise, promoting the fulfillment of the applicable regulations to counteract sexual exploitation of underage youth.
Law 679 from 2001 which looks forward to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with underage youth, developing article 44 of the constitution.
Promoting the fulfillment of the applicable regulations to counteract sexual exploitation of underage youth.

We develop policitys with Integral management of residues. We also input policies about an efficient use of energy, water and paper. With recycling policies and training of this topic for our employees