Live  Off-Road

You won’t be sure if it’s your heart or the roar of the motor what invites you to the adventure, what tells you to drive the motorcycle and speed along the exciting roads, dodging the rocks, trees, the mountains of mud and living. Those motorcycles are waiting for you, those roads are calling your name and this experience full of adrenaline  is awaiting. 

Security and guidance will be present along the entire  adventure.

What  includes ?

Stunning landscapes

Drive in the Andes mountains

Safety Gear

We provide all the necessary equipment for the adventure

Private Transportation

Picking you up at your place

Medical Ensurance

Health atention 


1 hour: $60 USD
2 hours: $94 USD


Transportation to the Atv roundtrip

1 – 4 pax                            $53 USD
5 – 9 pax  Mini Van      $116 USD
10 – 17 pax                      $150 USD


Want to experience the mountainous terrain of Antioquia riding Atv Quads?


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We’ve Been Building Memories For Over 5 years

In Vit Medellin we believe in the importance of generating deep ties with our clients, leaving images and emotions engraved in their minds forever, remembering Colombia and Medellín as a great experience.

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In Vit Medellín we do not approve sex tourism or aggression against minors of any kind, we are a company responsible for the environment, local communities and good development of tourism in our country.

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